Western Clinic Allied Services

Along with our superb team of GPs and Registered Nurses, we also have a network of Allied Health professionals available through our clinic. These health professionals strive to prevent, diagnose, manage and treat a variety of illnesses and conditions, and improve the health and happiness of our patients. Our Allied Health partners include Clinical Labs, Healthy Sleep Solutions, SA Pathology, Hearing Matters and Nutrition Health Experts, each providing our clinic with specialists across a range of areas important to our patients. Our visiting audiologist, psychologist, dietician, physiotherapist and podiatrist provide treatment, therapy and information in their specialist areas, and work together to create an environment in which all our patients’ health needs are addressed.

Diabetes Diabetes Educator

Audiology | Western Clinic Medical Centre Audiology

Patients who typically seek out the services of an audiologist have problems relating to hearing or balance. The aim of our clinic’s visiting audiologist is to test the hearing abilities of patients through the use of a variety of devices, such as audiometers and computers. The audiologist will then endeavour to uncover the underlying cause of any complications, by first determining the extent of the hearing damage.

Dieticians/Nutrition | Western Clinic Medical Centre Dieticians/Nutrition

We offer a comprehensive range of dietician and nutrition services through our Allied Health partners. These specialists will first and foremost educate patients on the ways in which food and drink can nourish or damage the overall health of a person, and reinforce the importance of informed diet choices. They will use their knowledge and skills to also guide patients through treating certain medical conditions with their diet and lifestyle.

Physiotherapist | Western Clinic Medical Centre Physiotherapist

Patients have access to a number of physiotherapy services from our clinic, provided by our Allied Health partners. The physiotherapists will strive to assess and repair damage, reduce any stiffness and pain, and increase mobility in patients across all ages. The combination of these methods results in a positive impact on the overall health of the patients, as well as an improved quality of life. We offer a physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic floor and Pilates.

Podiatrist | Western Clinic Medical Centre Podiatrist

A full range of podiatry services is available from our clinic, and is carried out by health care professionals who have received training in matters relating to the feet and lower limbs. Using their skills, the podiatrists are able to diagnose and treat complications and conditions of the feet, as well as educate patients about best practices in order to prevent future problems from arising.

Sleep Studies | Western Clinic Medical Centre Sleep Studies

Through our Allied Health sleep study practice, patients are able to receive treatment and information relating to a wide range of sleeping disorders, and those complications resulting from them. Once patients are diagnosed, and offered treatment and care plans centred on their sleep disorders, they are back on track toward feeling and performing at their best.