Western Clinic Medical Services

We provide an extensive range of medical services, with Registered Nurses on duty to support doctors during opening hours, and visiting specialists available to offer expertise in a number of areas. In addition to our general practitioners, the clinic is serviced by a visiting dietician, psychologist and audiologist. Our primary medical services include Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Family Medicine, Child & Adolescent Health, Sports Medicine, Veteran’s Health, Industrial Therapy, Travel Medicine & Immunisations, Minor Surgery, Counselling & Anxiety Therapy and Pathology Collection. Our competent medical professionals also routinely put together care plans relating to mental health and chronic disease management, always prioritising the best interests of each patient.

Family Medicine | Western Clinic Medical Centre Family Medicine

Our practice (GP Adelaide) is friendly and inclusive, offering specialised care for every member of the family. Among our Family Medicine services are checks for skin cancer, cardiac health, and routine Medicare 45+ and 74+, in addition to care and management for chronic disease and mental health issues. We also offer expertise in women’s health and medical problems relating to children and adolescents.

Women's Health | Western Clinic Medical Centre Women’s Health

Western Clinic provides health services especially for women that cover areas such as sexual health and family planning, bone density, heart health and cervix screenings. To make each visit as comfortable as possible, patients can opt to have a female doctor when booking an appointment. Qualified female doctors routinely carry out family planning services including Implanon, IUD: CU-T & Mirena insertions.

Men's Health | Western Clinic Medical Centre Men’s Health

Our practice additionally provides care, treatment and answers to male-specific medical problems which may affect men of all ages. The many men’s health services available range from routine diabetes checks to blood pressure management. Our dedicated doctors are also experienced in treating and providing education in the areas of cholesterol management and sexual health.

Child & Adolescent Health | Western Clinic Medical Centre Child & Adolescent Health

Children are welcome and well looked after at our practice. In addition to routine physical check-ups, we offer childhood immunisations, child development support, up-to-date health information crucial to the wellbeing of children and adolescents, as well as parent support for parents and caregivers. Our mental health services, which take into account the emotional and psychological needs of each patient, are also available to children and adolescents.

Pain Management | Western Clinic Medical Centre Pain Management

Our team of GPs and Registered Nurses provide pain management services across a variety of health issues and conditions, for all ages. Patients are offered any relevant information on managing their pain for the long and short-term future, in an effort to help them improve their quality of life and achieve better health and happiness.

Chronic Disease Care Plan | Western Clinic Medical Centre Chronic Disease Care Plan

Chronic diseases can result in stress and pain, which understandably have a negative impact on quality of life. Our medical professionals put together individualised and highly effective care plans to manage chronic diseases and improve the overall health and wellbeing of each patient. Sustainable over long periods of time, these strategies assist patients in taking control of their lives again. Care plans can offer some Bulk Billing GP Adelaide services for chronic conditions.

Travel Medicine | Western Clinic Medical Centre Travel Medicine

We provide a variety of travel medications and advice to suit your needs. Our team of doctors is available to discuss your travel itinerary and keep you updated on relevant medical information regarding vaccines and prescriptions any time before you leave for your trip. We also provide travel letters upon request, outlining any medications patients have been prescribed or are carrying abroad.

Immunisations | Western Clinic Medical Centre Immunisations

Immunisations protect not only individuals against harmful diseases, but also others in the community by preventing the spread of viruses. Information on an extensive range of immunisations is available from our GPs and Registered Nurses, and patients have access to a wide variety of vaccines in the comfort of our clinic

Sport Injuries | Western Clinic Medical Centre Sport Injuries

All of the doctors at our clinic are experienced in dealing with sports injuries, as well as providing information that can improve physical fitness and prevent the occurrence of injuries during sport in the first place. If specialist care is needed, our team is equipped to make the appropriate referrals to practitioners in orthopaedics, podiatry, physiotherapy, musculo-skeletal services and rehabilitation.

Industrial Medicine | Western Clinic Medical Centre Industrial Medicine

We are able to treat casualties and injuries sustained in the workplace, as well as provide care and management strategies where work injuries may be ongoing. Our doctors can offer up-to-date and necessary information regarding how best to avoid work casualties, and also has access to specialist medical consultants in the field of rehabilitation and other related areas.

ReturnToWork SA | Western Clinic Medical Centre ReturnToWork SA

The role of a competent doctor is crucial to the recovery of patients injured at work. Western Clinic works with ReturnToWorkSA, formerly Workcover, to provide those who have been injured in the workplace with a necessary care plan to nurse them back to the workforce and improve their general wellbeing. Together, we provide information, medical assistance and ongoing support to patients aiming to recover following a work injury.

Insurance | Western Clinic Medical Centre Insurance

Accounts are to be paid in full on the day of consultation. ReturnToWorkSA patients will be reimbursed for payment of their account when they present receipt to insurer.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims | Western Clinic Medical Centre Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

AMA fees are charged for Motor Vehicle Accident insurance, which are to be paid in full at the time of consult. Our doctors are able to provide a written opinion or a medical certificate which supports patient claims for Motor Vehicle Accident compensation, in addition to treating minor injuries sustained in car accidents. We strive to make recovery as quick and simple as possible for patients making MVA claims.

After Hours & Home Visits

During the hours when our surgery is closed, your call is automatically diverted to the locum service. In the event of an emergency, please call “000”.