Western Clinic Visiting Specialist – After Hours Doctor

Western Clinic Medical Centre is privileged enough to enjoy the services of visiting specialists who can pass along their sought- After Hours Doctor advice, expertise and specialised treatment methods to patients. Working alongside our primary care providers, these talented and dedicated professionals are passionate about treating patients who fall under their area of proficiency, and always endeavour to improve their standard of health. From the convenience of the clinic, patients have access to the best specialist care available in the areas of cardiology and orthopaedics. Appointments to see the visiting cardiac or orthopaedic specialists may be booked with the team at the reception desk.

Cardiac Specialist

The visiting cardiac specialist offers treatment, information, advice and diagnosis to those with heart conditions and complications, or those at risk of developing them. The specialist provides non-invasive cardiac testing, and is available to discuss such services as pacemakers, ICD and implantable loop recorders, as well as management and care strategies for complications resulting from heart conditions.


Prof. Clifton is a general physician specialising in endocrinology/dyslipidaemia. Prof. Clifton has developed strategies to modify cardiovascular risk, and in recent years broadened the focus to the control of obesity and obesity-related conditions, including management of hyperglycaemia and disordered lipids in diabetic and insulin-resistant subjects, and strategies to modify macronutrient intake in order to optimise weight loss in the obese.  Prof. Clifton is responsible for the management of a specialised support team comprising research dietitians, registered nurses and clinical trial managers, which plans and coordinates volunteer studies, conducts pre-launch product testing and efficacy trials, offers consultancy services, provides research advice and literature reviews, and conducts education and information programs.